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Annual Scientific Meeting, 7-9 July 2022, Porto, Portugal

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Online Annual Scientific Meeting 2021
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Registration for the Annual Scientific Meeting 2022 will open on our webpage before the end of the year.

A personal login is required to register. If you do not have a login, please contact us at info@ecvs.org.

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Scientific Programme

Small Animal Programme Highlights

The main programme will consist of three streams: The orthopaedic stream features an audience interactive session on current evidence to the management of joint disease, and sessions on angular limb deformities, partial amputations, and prosthetics. Further, a panel of human orthopaedic surgeons and diagnostic imaging specialists have been invited to Porto to share their expertise and experience with us.

In soft tissue surgery, a combined session with the VES will be on offer; and internationally acclaimed specialists will walk us through basic and advanced laparoscopic procedures. Finally, the general soft tissue surgery stream will deal with hepatic surgery, updates on the anatomy of portosystemic shunts, indications, and limitations of interventional and open surgical approaches to portosystemic shunts, and updates on cardiac and thoracic surgery.

A neurosurgical session will focus on brain surgery, and will cover aspects such as diagnostics, surgical approaches and management of brain tumours and Chiari-like malformations.


Large Animal Programme Highlights

In depth surgical sessions include Urogenital surgery; Current advances in orthopaedic surgery; Donkeys, Mules and Minis; Surgery of the foal and The Stifle. These will involve our overseas speakers including Dean Richardson, Jim Schumacher, Dwayne Rodgerson, Rolf Embertson as well as many European colleagues and speakers.

Parallel sessions include The Axial skeleton; Surgical management of neoplasia; and Surgery of the foot. To complement the program, there will be Meet the Expert sessions with our overseas speakers while the residents will no doubt benefit from and enjoy a talk by Graham Munroe on stifle arthroscopy. A new session for 2022 is entitled “What you might not find in the textbooks, or things I learned the hard way” with contributions from Dwayne Rogerson, Rolf Embertson, Jim Schumacher, Warren Schofield,  Peter Clegg and Hans Wilderjans.

Four pre congress labs are planned in the days before the official start of the congress and include upper hind limb lameness, upper respiratory surgery, reproductive surgery and an AO Vet course on large animal complications.

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Abstract submission for the ECVS Annual Scientific Meeting 2022 is now open via your 'your ECVS' area.

The deadline for abstract submission is Wednesday, 15 December 2021 - 12:00 GMT (noon) sharp. The system will automatically shut down at 12:00 and no extension for late submission is granted. We recommend that you test your login ahead of time to be sure that it is working and that you have your data ready for submission. To obtain a login, please contact us at info@ecvs.org.

Please be sure to read the abstract submission guidelines before submitting your abstract.

Please note: submissions in which information relating to (a) ethical approval, and (b) analgesia - where appropriate - is unclear, or incomplete, will be automatically rejected and the authors invited to re-submit (once) with clarification. Please adhere to the following guidelines: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/page/journal/1532950x/homepage/forauthors.html#ETHICS

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Sponsoring and Exhibition

The > sponsoring brochure for the 2022 Annual Scientific Meeting is now available. Exhibitor registration will soon open via our platform

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Annual Scientific Meeting 2021

The full content of our 30th (and first online) Annual Scientific Meeting 2021 is still accessible to registered delegates until the end of 2021.

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Save the Date

2023 32nd Annual Scientific Meeting: 6-8 July, Cracow, Poland

2024 33rd Annual Scientific Meeting: 4-6 July, Valencia, Spain

2025 34th Annual Scientific Meeting: 3-5 July, Antwerp, Belgium

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Previous Scientific Meetings

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