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Coronavirus / COVID-19

Due to the restrictions the COVID-19 pandemic has caused, particularly with reductions in surgical case-loads and cancelled meetings, there are revised guidelines for those recertifying this year and for the subsequent years through to 2024.

For everybody who is due to recertify in 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024 the deadline will be postponed by one year.

We will review the documentation of those diplomates who have already submitted their files this year in the usual manner. If approved, their next recertification period will be six years rather than the customary five.

Recertification for Diplomates

Please note the submission deadline is July 31st

Contact information: Please direct all correspondence pertaining to Diplomate recertification at recertification@ecvs.org. This will ensure that your message reaches the right person and can also be dealt with in case of personal absences.

Those who need to recertify in 2021, i.e. for the five year period 2022 - 2026 (or - 2027 given the additional COVID-19 year), should read the recertification guidelines. The ECVS expects to launch a new online recertification form after the Board meeting in February 2021; all Diplomates due to recertify in 2021 will receive a call to submit their documents then.

Please note that from 2018 onwards there will be a requirement to provide two letters of reference when you submit your documentation. Your referees are encouraged to use the provided template. Please note that the reference letters need to be collected by the Diplomate applying for recertification and are to be included with the other information sent to ECVS. The referees are not to send the letters directly to ECVS.

Recertification of Residency Training Programmes

Contact information: Please direct all correspondence pertaining to programme recertification at credentials@ecvs.org (NOT recertification@ecvs.org). This will assure that your message reaches the right person and can also be dealt with in case of personal absences.

A residency programme has to be resubmitted for approval after a five year period in general. For the recertification of the training programme we need an update on the 9 programme elements including the log form (rtf): Small animal / Large animal - general / Large animal - equine

Please use the reporting forms for the recertficiation submission and consult the the Training Brochure (chapter 6) for the definition of the 9 programme elements.

Deadline for submission is 31st May of the year in which recertification is due.

Please be aware that all changes in an approved programme have to be communicated to the Credentials Committee without delay. Especially changes in supervisors need to be reported to the committee.

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