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Board Examination 

From 2022 onwards, the ECVS exam will again be run according to its regular schedule:

ECVS Exam 2022: 30 January - 1 February 2022

Note for exam candidates: the 2022 exam will start on Sunday, 30 January and run until Tuesday, 1 February.
Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Location: Renaissance Zurich Tower Hotel, Turbinenstrasse 20, 8005 Zurich

All eligible candidates will receive a personal invitation to sign up for the exam. The option to register via the ECVS website will become open as soon as the invitations have been released.

Exam Documents and Application Process

ECVS Examination Guide

The Examination Guide has been updated in September 2021 and is valid from the 2022 exam onwards.

Residents eligible to sit the exam will be notified by the Office during autumn of the year preceding the exam. To sign up for the exam, candidates need to submit the online application (via 'Your ECVS') and send a scan of the signed and dated confidentiality form to exam@ecvs.org by October 25th of the year preceding the exam.

The online application via 'Your ECVS' is only open to candidates who have been invited to sit the exam. If you believe you should be able to apply for the exam, but cannot access the online registration, please contact exam@ecvs.org.

Reading lists

from 2021 exam:

from 2023 exam:

Exam Preparation

Details and information about the ECVS exam, its individual parts, marking, exam preparation etc. are available from the > ECVS Exam Preparation presentation.

Mock Exams

The mock exams present a selection of questions from all exam parts for preparation purposes.
> Instructions how to access the mock exams

Link to ECVS Mock Exams

Model answers to the mock exam questions:

Small Animal Case-based       Small Animal Practical       Large Animal Case-based       Large Animal Practical

Exam Schedule

The schedule of the 2022 board-certifying examination will be announced in late autumn 2021.

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